Temecula Mayor Appointed to Cannabis Advisory Board

According to the Temecula city website, The Cannabis Advisory Committee (under the Bureau of Cannabis Control), has appointed Temecula Mayor Matt Rahn as its Chair. This is a surprising appointment, because Temecula is in a county that currently does NOT allow legal medical or recreational cannabis dispensaries.

Being a city that consists of a large amount of commuters, it likely that Temecula residents have given other counties their cash for recreational cannabis while they pass through other areas. California already makes a 15% tax on cannabis retail sales and if Temecula sold cannabis, it would take in 8.75% tax on each sale.

The actual laws regarding the sale cannabis in the County of Riverside are vague and somewhat confusing, especially since Palm Springs is in Riverside County and has several dispensaries.  The discrepancy appears to come from local cities, such as Palm Springs, making their own decision as a city on whether to allow dispensaries or not, even though the county states they are illegal. Things may change for Temecula now that the Mayor is on the advisory board for a commodity his town is not even allowed to sell.

From TemeculaCA.gov

“Mayor Matt Rahn is the only elected official represented on this 22-member Board, which serves at the direction of the Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Dean R Grafilo. “The Department received hundreds of qualified applications for the committee and reviewed all of them during the selection process,” said Grafilo. “These individuals represent the diverse backgrounds of California and the cannabis industry and have the necessary experience to make the Committee successful.”

Temecula Mayor Matt Rahn states, “Cannabis is an important topic among many communities in California, and it is important that we continue to include the local government perspective. I look forward to discussing issues such as public safety and education with my Committee colleagues to help guide the development of statewide cannabis regulations.”

The Committee is scheduled to meet every other month in 2018, and will assist in the development of rules and regulations for the 2018 rollout of a legal adult-use cannabis market in California, emphasizing public health and safety, and reduction of illegal commerce.”

More information about the Cannabis Advisory Board can be found at: http://www.bcc.ca.gov/about_us/committee.html