Are You Ready for Round 1?

Image –“Round 1: Bowling” by Dick Thomas Johnson is licensed under CC BY 2.0


The City of Temecula will be welcoming Round 1 Bowling and Amusement, a family-friendly, state of the art entertainment center. Round 1 will be occupying nearly 50,000 square feet on the first floor of the Sears building located inside the Promenade Mall.

The owner of the Sears property, is redeveloping the old two story structure to accommodate Round 1, as well as retail shops and restaurants. Sears will continue to operate in a smaller space that will be renovated on the second floor, sparing the store from the demise of many other Sears locations in the nation.

“We enthusiastically welcome Round 1 to the Temecula Valley. They will be a wonderful addition to our community and offer a quality, entertainment amenity that our residents have been asking for” says Temecula’s Mayor, Matt Rahn.

The entertainment center will offer bowling, arcade games, billiards, party rooms, ping-pong and dining, along with beer, wine, and even ice cream. Round 1 is expected to bring 70-80 new jobs to the Temecula area.

The addition of Round 1 is just another example of how the mall is revamping itself to be a gathering point once again in the community. Not to mention the addition of more jobs and another location to lose all your money while seeing the your child grinning from ear to ear.