Cheflavor is a Food Lover’s Mecca

Among the current trend of fast casual chains and one stop shopping spots, Cheflavor stands out as something different. Cheflavor is an artisan market and small bistro that celebrates the flavor of food and beverage by offering an array of gourmet food products in the Vail Headquarters shopping area of south Temecula. Don’t let the words ‘artisan’ or ‘gourmet’ scare you away, this place isn’t just for gourmet food lovers, it has something for anyone who appreciates eating. They carry a variety of high end gourmet meats and cheeses, hard to find seasonings, amazing sauces, and some of the most interesting beers and wines from around the world. And if you are less of a cook and more of an eater, they have you covered, with a great and easily approachable bistro menu featuring the Chef’s take on casual food.

The owners Chef Matt and his wife Tahne bring several years of experience in the food industry to Cheflavor. Chef Matt has been a head chef in two restaurants in New Jersey and one in Corona. Their passion for good food has been a major part of their lives for years, and now Temecula gets to enjoy their expertise.



Chef Flavor is the perfect spot for someone looking for that one special ingredient or some high-quality provisions for their own kitchen. Expect a friendly and fun atmosphere in a vintage building in the Vail Headquarters area. It’s the small white one in the back. While you are there, try one of their amazing dishes on the patio paired with a local wine or craft beer. Before you leave, be sure to say hello to Chef Matt or Tahne, they are usually around somewhere, they may even be the one behind the register.



If you are looking for generic ingredients or just need to fill your belly with no interest in flavor or craft, then Cheflavor isn’t for you. If you don’t want to enjoy some of the finer things in life, like great cheese, flavorful sauces, and just great food in general, then you’ll want to avoid this place.



One of the most amazing finds are the warm Bavarian soft pretzels with craft beer cheese dip. And the vegetable sandwich is so good you won’t miss the meat!



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32119 Temecula Pkwy

Temecula, CA 92592



Monday – Closed

Tuesday – SUNDAY  – 10AM – 8PM