Free WiFi for the Masses

Have you ever been in Old Town Temecula thinking, man I wish I had WiFi. I often think this anywhere I am anymore. Well you are in luck. Did you know Old Town has a free WiFi network? Its ok neither did we!

Thats right in 2011 Temecula decided to install free Wifi access from entrance arch to entrance arch along Front St. The initial set up had 8 access points and was good enough for the time. When the amount of visitors to downtown grew and the invention of faster, smarter hand computers, the demand increased and in 2014 the city doubled the number of access points to 20. Also the city continued the service along Mercedes Street as well, to cover more area. “The internet speeds are supposed to be as fast as 75 mbps, which is 65% faster than the old speeds,Stated Michael Heslin the Director of Information Technology & Support Services City of Temecula.

We did our own test and here are the results. Just to be clear we used our speedtest app on our phone in several different areas on front st. Here are the results.


Download Upload:

  • Front and 6th 2.26 Mbps .63 Mbps
  • Front and Fourth 5.14 Mbps .30 Mbps
  • Front and Main 1.20 Mbps .36 Mbps
  • Front and Third .55 Mbps .11 Mbps
  • Front and Second .90 Mbps .12 Mbps


Also the thing that surprised me is the advertising of this free service. One on the corner of Front St. and Second St. and one on Front St heading north.



So if you are ever in Old Town and find you want to watch an episode of Game of Thrones, you can sit on a park bench and watch it. Well that might be an exaggeration, and please don’t do that, you will take up all the bandwidth for the others to enjoy. But if you just want to sit in a restaurant on front street and send an email, or check a sports score don’t hesitate to use the cities free wifi. Why not, you are paying for it anyway.